Nam Goong-min Once Saved Kim Ji-eun Was About To Give Up Her Career

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Nam Goong-min Once Saved Kim Ji-eun Was About To Give Up Her Career

The two co-stars of SBS’s hit drama One Dollar Lawyer, which earned double digit ratings within a week of its premiere, had a special senior-junior relationship.
Actress Kim Ji-eun say about and this is written by Koreaboo.
It’s about the struggles she faced in life before she became famous.

Before she was known, she sold jewelry in small malls, coffee shops, clothing store she also tried to work at a beer bar.

“Now, luckily, my next role is ready, but I’m still staying at my friend’s house,” she said.

When she auditioned for the drama “The Veil” and decided to give up her dreams and return to her hometown if she hadn’t been selected, it was Nam Goong-min who saved her.

When The Veil won the audition, the director said that Nam Goong-min had objected to her being cast as the main character.

When she asked Nam Goong-min about what he had to say that:
“Seeing you, so eager but never given a chance, reminds me of myself once” he replied.

Nam Goong-min said this because he debuted in 2003 and struggled because he didn’t have a good role until 2017’s Good Manager. After that, he has been successful all the way with good works such as Dr. Prisoner, Distorted, Stove and the current One Dollar Lawyer with stories that allowed him to show his talent.

Kim Ji-eun and he have met in projects such as Dr. Prisoner and The Veil, and he brought a junior who is not bad as a senior.

In Dr. Prisoner, Kim Ji-eun had a very small role. She has shown her talent by playing the main character in The Veil and is a new rising money star with the recent One Dollar Lawyer.

She stepped on this path in 2016 and is currently one of the fastest rising stars, as she is currently putting out some great work.

Also, it must say that she is a lucky junior who gets to work with a good senior like Nam Goong-min many times.

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