More Update For Gong Hyo-jin’s Wedding And Kwon Sang-woo’s Comeback

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More Update For Gong Hyo-jin’s Wedding And Kwon Sang-woo’s Comeback

Gong Hyo-jin handed the wedding bouquet to her friend again.

Famous actress Gong Hyo-jin got married to her Korean-American boyfriend Kelvin Oh on October 11th.

As is often celebrated in the art community, the wedding of the two was a private event that invited only the circle of parents and acquaintances, and was held in New York, where Kelvin grew up. The media is not allowed to see her wedding photos, and only the one she shared on Instagram can be seen.

It was officially revealed in April 2022 that the two of them, who are a couple of Ma and Maung, who are 10 years apart in age, are together.

When Gong Hyo-jin attended the wedding of her friend Song Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, held in March before April, the bride’s bouquet was seized.

Regarding that, actress Gong Hyo-jin’s two lovers revealed the news that they will get married in August, and on October 11th, they got married.

Her wedding was attended by her bffs, actresses Uhm Ji-won and Jung Ryeo-won, and the bouquet thrown by Gong Hyo-jin was again caught by Jung Ryeo-won, so it remains to be seen if another group of friends will be snubbed again.

Kwon Sang-woo, the first love of K-drama fans, who will return to the drama screen.

Later K-Drum fans may not know, but in the heyday of Korean dance, only two television programs were broadcast before, Onso, There are K-drama first loves with characters such as John Soo, Seong-kyu Jin-soo, and others who have been unanimously supported.

Kwon Sang-woo was famous in his time, and he did a series of artistic activities and left behind many good works of film.

He hasn’t been active since then, but this time he’s coming back to the screen with the drama Curtain Call.

Curtain Call is a story about an old lady who owns Paradise Hotel and pretends to be her grandson to fulfill her last wish before she dies.
Kwon Sang-woo will be seen as engaged to Ha Ji-won, a chaebol heir.

Ha Ji-won and Kwon Sang-woo also co-starred in Love, So Divine, and this time they meet again.

Both were brilliant in their time, so it can be said that the K-drama gurus meet again. Curtain Call will be shown on October 31st on KBS.

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